Animal Collection CRUD (Python)

filterable Animal Collection Python CRUD application, with pymongo as the controller, Dash widgets for an interactive view, presenting dynamic updates to client including geolocation and a Pie chart, with mongodb user authentication.

Android SimpleInventoryApp (Java)

This allows a user to simply manage their database of items with registration.

Contacts service (Java)

Test Driven Java Development with JUnit tests

Spring Boot RESTful API Static Analysis Assessment

Conducting a vulnerability assessment on a RESTful API in Spring Boot

Spring Boot HTTPS-Enabled SSL Server

Safe dependency check with Maven, Cipher string encryption/descryption with AES, enabling HTTPS by generating keystore with keytool for use with SSL self-signed certificate

C++ security policy standards

Coding security policy standard for C++ projects utilizing Google Test Assertions to ensure secure enryption/decryption of strings, query protection to prevent SQL injection attacks, and buffer overflow protection.

AHK Regex scripts for Obsidian to Anki workflow

My scripts in AHK for an Obsidian to Anki workflow with Active Recall studies.

Password verification tool (Java)

Simple Password Verification GUI with Junit tests

Angular Loopback API to AWS Cloud migration demonstration

Fullstack-Docker-containers-to-AWS-Lambdas artifacts and Docker demonstration

Trips Locator (Typescript)

Developed SPA Administrator Front-end in Angular with login authentication (utilizing JWT with Passport.js) wired to the Trip Advisory Web app's REST APi to delete/add/edit trips on the page.

VicsTech IT Services

My old static website built with high SEO in mind for my garage IT shop I used to manage